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Our Services


We offer a wide range of dental treatments and maintenance to a high standard.

At your first visit, we will carry out a comprehensive examination, including assessment of gum health and a check for oral cancer . We will usually take x-rays. If you are in pain we will identify and treat the cause. We will discuss your possible treatment options, and provide you with a written estimate of the costs.

At subsequent visits, you will find that the friendly, professional atmosphere will allow even nervous patients to complete the planned work, and give you the confidence and understanding to continue with routine maintenance in the future.

We are a family orientated practice and welcome children from birth onwards. Getting them used to seeing a dentist may be one of the best things you can do for their teeth, and we can advise you on tooth brushing and diet, as well as monitoring whether they will need to wear braces. We always try to see children on the NHS, free of charge.

All of our fillings are made of tooth-coloured materials. As well as looking much more attractive than mercury amalgam, its adhesion to teeth means that in many situations we are able to carry out smaller fillings with less damage to teeth or to use a filling where in the past a crown or bridge would have been required.

We frequently recommend a visit to one of our trained Hygiene-Therapists as part of the first course of treatment. In our experience most people find it useful to have the way they clean their teeth analysed by a professional in order to get the most out of the time they spend brushing. Gum disease is the most common disease in the world and can lead to tooth loss. Its effects cannot be reversed therefore prevention by good cleaning (by you and us) is an essential part of general health maintenance. We offer the latest AirFlow cleaning technology, which is comfortable and very efficient - patients love it!

Should you require a root filling, you may be particularly worried. We find that not only are they more pleasant than expected for most patients, but several people have actually started to drift off to sleep while undergoing the treatment! This is because we use modern efficient techniques and we always make sure you are fully numb before starting work.

We have made our dentures in conjunction with the same laboratory technician for twenty years. Together, we have been able to build an understanding which allows us to consistently provide dentures which look natural and fit beautifully.

We normally see patients with urgent problems on the day they telephone us. We never leave anyone in pain for longer than absolutely necessary. In the evenings, weekends and holidays, we are part of a group of dentists providing emergency treatment and advice.